Feel yourself (pt 01)


By Gladys Ndebele

People look and judge with the way one dresses and walks. It does not necessarily mean that one needs to be a celebrity to be recognized. The way you present your self can either get you a job or cost you one. Confidence breeds beauty. You just have to know what to match when choosing an outfit. By that , l do not mean matching clothes only ,that includes shoes ,make up ,lipstick and the list goes on and on.

It is not always about facial features or that well built body .Some are told they are physically beautiful ,whilst some are labelled as ugly . The bottom line is that we are all beautiful ,for beauty is God’s handwriting. We were all created the same,with only our finger prints differing from everyone and anyone.We are all unique ,in our own special kind of way.A smile,just a smile can light up one’s face and brighten their day
Beauty is power,a smile is its word.

Just dress and walk with confidence  regardless of how people label you, they will always refer to you as that smart and clean individual.l wont be targeting women only,a clever lady always makes sure that her man leaves the house with an ironed shirt and a matching tie.Lets choose outfits for our guys when they go out ,so that if you happen to choose yours and its out of line,he will easily pick it ,and also ,behind every handsome and clean looking man,there is a Gladys Ndebele who wants her man to be always on point. Lets make them happy and we will be happy too.
It’s not about designer labels ,even in those affordable clothing retail stores,mix and match,lift your head higher and your chest out ,accompany that with confidence and a smile,walk with pride then you are set in fashion.
This will be more of a fashion and beauty column.l will be giving tips on make up,how to choose lipstick and eye-shadow for different times of the day ,outfits to wear on events even to wear and not to wear in your bedroom,the easy way without going the expensive route.This is to prove to the world that Zimbabweans are beautiful.The stigma of being told you look nothing like a Zimbabwean has to end. Now they have to look at a non Zimbabwean and say,”You are beautiful, are you from Zimbabwe?”

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