Feel yourself (pt 2): What do we need for an artists’ healthy skin?

We need water to live a healthy life and for a healthy skin.
The body is about sixty percent water, give or take , and we constantly lose water from our bodies via sweat and urine. Hense study says we have to drink about two litres of water a day.

Water is very good for our bodies for it keeps our skin well hydrated. Drinking water flushes out our bodies of any toxins hanging around – notorious for impacting the way we process beautifying minerals and nourishment. Water is also key for generating new cells – so keeping our bodies topped up will lead to new cell for our hair,skin and nails (new cells = gorgeousness.)

Drinking water helps to hydrate your skin barrier, and flush out the bacteria underneath the surface of your skin that causes acne. Stress, your diet, environmental factors also trigger acne. If your skin is dehydrated or stressed, water can definitely help clear your skin.

Everyone knows that drinking water — and making sure it’s a substantial amount — is important for a healthy lifestyle. Water lubricates your joints, protects your body from a lot of factors and other sensitive tissues, and helps to regulate your body temperature. This would make sense since 60 percent of the human adult body is made up of water.This is just but a few of the good things that water does to our bodies .

The only disadvantage being visiting the ladies room on a regular. On the outside,always avoid washing your face and hands with hot water. You can do more harm than good to your face if you are not doing it the right way as it can result in dryness, wrinkles, acne, rashes, irritation and the list goes on.The good way means you have to use lukewarm water. Also choose your cleanser as per your skin type.

It is important to wash your hands first because washing your face with dirty hands means you are transferring all the dirt and germs off your hands to your face. People usually overlook at this because they assume the hands will get cleaned along with the face, but, it is advisable to clean that grime and germs from your hands before moving to your face.The point here being,face skin is totally different from any part of the body and everyone checks our face first before everything else.
Take care of your body by always keeping it well hydrated and well maintained.Make use of water and remain smooth and gorgeous ,maybe, just maybe,you can start wearing make-up after using water .

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