Here comes the Kasi-boy

There has been growth in terms of innovation and collaborative works amongst the African artists and the upcoming stars are fighting to swim along  the big fish. One such kind is Mthabiseni Moyo, an Alexandra born Gospel upcoming  artist rising up from dusty township  with songs of hope.

The following is conversation between Martin Blessed-child  (MB) Mthabiseni Moyo  (MM)

MB: Mthabiseni, how are you  doing?

MM: I am well sir ,thank you. I am grateful for the platform.

MB: Awesome, Who is Mthabiseni Moyo?

MM: Mthabiseni Moyo is a child of God first of all, a Gospel singer. He was born in Alexander, then went Zimbabwe where he lived his grand-father who basically taught him in the ways of the LORD. ..(laughs )

MB: Is this your first album and how tracks are there in this album?

MM: Yes this is my first album and it has got 8 tracks.

MB: When is coming out? Tell us as well where are you launching it.

MM: It will be out on the 25th  of October this year. It is going to be a DVD album. Concerning the launch, it is not yet finalised. I will keep music lovers posted in this regard.

MB: There are many Gospel artists out there, what is your unique angle, that will make you stand out?

MM: I am playing it in Afro pop style with a dance so that  it makes it distinct from most of Gospel artists.  But still carries the same message of hope and urging the hearers to repentant, even as they stay prayerful.

MB: Which songs do you think they appeal to people out there and why?

MM: The songs like Thandaza, Lihle Izulu and Khuluma nami will appeal most definitely because of their messages and a the motion in which they were sung. I believe the listener will catch that in the songs.

MB: What is your ultimate goal in music?

MM: My goal is to win souls, preaching repentance through my music.

MB: Who did you work with on the album?

MB: I have worked with Fundani Ndebele and DJ Matsibitsibi.

MB: What is the misconceptions that you think people have about ikasi?

MM: Most people think that ekasi (township) is all about Kwasa, hip-hop and Rhumba music. They think we are wayward, but there still exists a people whose hearts are reserved for God, desiring to be different in every way for God.

MB: Wow! That’s big. What your message to the people out there.

MM: What I can say is that people should abide by the Word of God, for it can be trusted both to redeem and to serve. Let Gospel artists live what they preach, they will become powerful ministers if they so do. Thank you.

MB: You are welcome, it was a pleasure to have at our studio.




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