Hunger to speak out overcame my fear

By Christopher “Mawande” Ncube

Johannesburg: The zeal to deal with  various social issues affecting people, especially women, saw multi-faceted Sizile Lynn Mabuya pen witty poems and speeches at a tender age but failing to  recite them to people as she feared criticism and rejection.
As she grew up she developed a thick skin as hunger and passion to speak out finally overcame her fear.
Mabuya,23, a whimsical modeler wishes to establish herself as a poet and tackle issues affecting the current generation of women under the umbrella of partnerships such as marriage.
“It is important to first know why men are abusing women, be it physically or spiritually, so that we can find ways of dealing with problems of that nature.
Nothing will stop me from  achieving my goals because I wish to see both women and man enjoying a peaceful and congenial relationship.”
She told Switchbod that she has done some projects  on Zimbabwe’s national television and she is sometimes  offered a presenter’s job on Asikhulume.
She said: “When I get the room to speak out, I make sure that I do it to the best of my ability because it’s liberating and I enjoy it.”
“I love modelling, I love fashion  although I have been on and off due to some factors. For now I am doing it full time,” she said adding that she is working with one of the most talented photographers in the mould  of VooTography.
According to Mabuya, she will partner up with different designers and boutiques to bring back business to the city of Kings, Bulawayo.
She further added that she gets inspiration from people such as Tarshy, who against all odds under the economic meltdown and other challenging obstacles, has continued to stand firm and make things happen.
“I have featured in some music videos that are yet to be released. I thank God for the talents he has given me . I want to show my appreciation by using those talents to send a message to people,” she said further adding that she is a dancing queen, public speaker and choreographer.
With all those things she is capable of doing, she is currently trying to break through in the modelling industry. She said that she wants to show the girl-child that arts is not only an industry of entertainment, but a business industry that women can use as a source of income.
“Women should use their beings as very important assets not as targets for sexual harassment or satisfaction only. I call upon all the girl-child to stand up and be counted as a role model”, said Mabuya.
The beauty queen said that some of her work has been broadcast on ZTV and she once rubbed shoulders with Rizla, who runs hiphop 263 on ZTV.
“I am currently in the running for ambassador at a certain company. I hope that all will go down well and I come out tops.”
When asked what her chances where in the competition she said, “It takes a whole village to raise a child in as much as it takes it (village) to make a dream come true for a child. I hope that my village is rallying behind me giving all its support.”
Mabuya referred to her friends, relatives and all those who support her as her village that will make her win the competition.
“My friends, relatives and anyone who supports me stands as my village because its them who will make shine. I pin my hope on them. I am an ambitious person who wishes to excel,” she concluded.

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