‘I Found Love On ‘Our Perfect Wedding,’ Gushes Thembisa!

 The Award winning TV presenter is set to close the chapter as the host of the hit reality show ‘OPW’ soon and she took some time to reflect on the time she spent on the show.

“It’s the most cliched thing you will ever hear. I found love on Our Perfect Wedding. We are happy and planning a future together. It’s a beautiful thing. He’s a great guy, and for me to find someone in the space that I work in and who I totally fell in love with is amazing,” Thembisa gushed.

On leaving the show, Thembisa says she will miss everything about the show because it has been part of her life for so long.

“From connecting with people at weddings, to the jittery feeling that the bride gets and then you calm her down. I’m going to miss the prayer time before they go out, the singing, dancing and saying my catch phrase [Sifike! Sabona! Satshatisa!]”


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