Ithemba Labakholwayo to launch DVD

By Martin Blessedchild

JOHANNESBURG: A Zimbabwean Jo’burg based group Ithemba Lamakholwa is set to launch a life changing music DVD in Johannesburg. The preparations for the event are at an advance stage and promises to deliver unforgettable experience on the 3rd of March, at Arch Angel church of all nation, along Goldrich and Twist in Hilbrow,  from 6pm.

The 10 track DVD is entitled “Ngibona yena” and is the group’s  second offering, with sizzling song like Ngibona yena, uNoah and Siphume eGipithe.

“Our musical experience traces back to 2008, where by the group was formed. Since then we worked tireless and finally completed our debut album entitled “Masimbonge uJesu,” said the group representative Zimi Zitha.

“Throughout our journey we manged to keep our original members who include: Zakheni Zitha, Elly Ndebele, Thembelani Ncube, and Sibongile Zikhali,” Zitha added.

Zitha further told Swithbod Arts Magazine during the interview that although thy are many Gospel singer who sings and continue to make music, they aim to remain true to their calling as theirs comes from within rather the mere lip service.

“Our goal is to create great times for our fans and maintain a steady peak in music landscape, hence we will reward groups who are willing to avail themselves to support us. There are three prices to be won for the groups, such as the well-dressed group, song of the night, and even early comers will get a price for that. We are promoting excellence,” elaborated Zitha.

The line-up includes the following: Ithemba labakholwayo, Sisters Of Paradise,Nembeza, Imbizo Messengers, Ben Masuku, Nothando Edomeco, Glory of God, Best In Paradise, Nkosana Nyathi, Galile Lase Judiya, Tjidzani, Ubuhle BamaNguni, Abapostoli Bendulo,Izimvu Zenkosi, Leslia Moyo, Uwe Servants, Sweet Melodies, Trumpents Of Salvation, Magalukulinywa, Heroes OF Faith and a few more to be confirmed.

Switchbod caught up with a solo artist by the name Leslia Dudu Moyo who expressed here readiness.  “I am ready to support, minister and lead people to worship. I am aiming to capitalise, whether thousands or hundreds of people, I will give my best,” she said.

The show is billed at  R50 for adults and R20 for kids,  Zitha appealed to music fans to come pout in numbers to witness the incredible happenings of the night.

For more please use the following contacts:

073 842 1210 and 084 535 5254

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