Mlambos On Plan B for Zim


Johannesburg:  Mlambos Express band, a rhumba -tshibilika outfit hailing from Plumtree in Zimbabwe, is set to unveil its ‘Plan B’ in Johannesburg this weekend.

Speaking from the band’s headquarters in Johannesburg, the band manager Thabani Ndlovu said: “all is set for Plan B, we will be around Johannesburg at Cosmos City. Our program will start at 10 am and end at 6pm.Looking at the current situation of our country we decided to come up with Plan B, hence its details will be unpacked this weekend and it will have a free entrance.”

Last year around the same dates the masses thronged to the same venue to witness the launch of Dear President, which indeed exceed its expectations and rewarded the band with multi bookings that spread over two years.

On the issue of sponsorship, the band confirmed that it is being powered by Ok furnishers, adding to the existing sponsors drawn as far afield as Limpopo and Mpumalanga province.

“We maintain the same team, as it is our policy to be consistent, hence in studio the team was as follows: Obvious Mtshana Dube (lead guitar), Fiselani SaMangwe Ngwenya (Rhythm guitar by), Mthandazo Cuteboy Ncube (bass guitar) and Mafios Mafingo Ndlovu (drums),” Ndlovu said.

Ndlovu further confirmed that there are new members in the squad that will be revealed on the day, these stage operators come in as more than just a replacements for Twenty and Godolude.

“The new Cd has tracks like: Plan B, Inkunzi kababa, Umaluma ephozisa which are expected to steer a lot of controversy amongst Zimbabwean community,” Ndlovu elaborated.

Meanwhile the leading online music distributor, the Global Digital Box, also confirmed its attendance and  said Mlambos is currently topping the statistic of online downloads, especially from South Africa, Tanzania and Zimbabwe.

“We will be attending this event and we are proud of Mlambos, in them we see a revolution in this Zimbabwean rhumba music, very soon rhumba will be elevated globally. We also want to encourage musicians to be very caution on internet, they must make sure they earn every cent they worked for hence through our platforms we try to harness this African heritage and empower the artist,” said Orrack Chabangu the Vice President of Global Digital Box.

“This will be our last show in Johannesburg before we dash off to Zimbabwe where Plan B will be relaunched in our residential town Plumtree, at Dums area on the 17th of December,” Ndlovu added.

The Super Legends will again visit Zimbabwe for more shows that will focus on other virgin lands.

“In Zimbabwe we have an action-packed program, but 16 Dec will be a big day in Plumtree Bhagani with Highlanders FC Legends. From there we invade Bulawayo on the 22nd of December at Marisha night Club in Magwegwe, followed by Pumula South on the 23rd, then on the 24th the band will be at  Mphoengs Mabuledi.

We will also  enter places like Mambale, Tsholotsho, Gwanda amongst others yet to be confirmed. However as for  the Christmas day, it is on auction who ever that will pay the most is taking it so far the game is sitting on R25000 Kezi St Joseph neck and Neck with Gwanda town.

The New Year’s Day is also on Auction waiting for the highest bid, it is currently sitting on R15000 with Khame Plumtree leading the bid,” Ndlovu concluded.


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