Moyo drops new album

BY: Martin Blessed-Child
Johannesburg: Bulawayo is a city saturated with untapped talent. It never ceases to produce sensational singers of high caliber. 2017 has brought forth yet another captivating Gospel star by the name Leslia Dudu Moyo.

She was born and raised in Bulawayo Zimbabwe. Her kindergarten and teen years were punctuated by musical signs and trends as she grew up the calling also intensified, ultimately propelling her to join her local church Choir.

With much rigorous practice and determination, she released her first single dubbed “Siyabonga ” which became the title of her album. She worked with Joe Maseko. The very album also presented Moyo with an opportunity to share the stage with Dr Rebecca Malope, Tholakele and the Zim’s renowned Mai Charamba. As if that was not enough, the same single awarded her with the pleasure of backing the likes of Ringo Fosho, Victory Sounds and Toisen Atengoma.

Switchbod caught up with Lesia Moyo who confirmed the availability of a new hit:
“Yes, I have released yet another Single it is already out. It is a prayer to God to help our leaders and a reminder to the listener that those in authority are chosen and anointed by God,” Moyo said.

“I have worked with Fundani Ndebele and Nozipho Zubani on the backing vocals and Nkosibona Ntshanga is the producer. They are just awesome people who are passionate about what they do. I am excited about the whole project,” Moyo continued.

Switchbod is further informed that Leslia and her team are working tirelessly on a new music video set to be released soon alongside the album. The album is rumoured to hit the market place in 3 months.
One would agree with me that she is coming forth with the whole package that her audience may require from her. The music lovers and her fans should anticipate to be inspired by her contemporary Gospel music. They are in for a special treat this summer.

Moyo is person who loves to learn from other artists. She loves listening to Dr Rebecca Malope and Lundi to learn all she can from them. “As a young and upcoming artist I have to learn from others . I am open to work with other artists provided they are flat out for God, and fear Him. As Gospel artists we must understand that it is not just about having a voice. It is about a heart that is genuine and desire to serve God whole heartedly,” said Moyo.

While conversing with Switchbod she had this to say to her peers “I know the predicament we are faced with. We go around knocking on doors seeking help with what we might be pregnant with musically. Many a times we meet up with uncultured people who would want to take advantage of us. I urge you not to give in to such demands. It is unGodly! It dis-empowers you as woman and destroy the authenticity of the very voice that should speak the massage,” she concluded.

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