Nceku to launch a debut album


The Zimbabwean born gospel artists Luckmore Nceku Moyo is set to launch sizzling album this Friday at Learnmore Creche  in Johannesburg. The launch will feature the likes of Sisters Of Paradise, Kosa and The Pilgrims, Thuli Mangethe, Sydney Holy Aok, Ntombi And Izimvu Zenkosi Gospel Messengers and many more to be confirmed.

Switchbod Arts Magazine caught up with the musician and below is the brief interview:

Q: Who is Nceku?

A: My full name is Luckmore Moyo, I was born in Zimbabwe at Nyamandlovu. My family then relocated to Tsholotsho at Makwandara where I did grade 1-5. Unfortunately my father died whilst I was still young, so we had to return to Nyamandlovu with my mother, thus where I then completed my primary and later on secondary education at Sawmills secondary school.

Q: When did you start singing?

A: My talent was realised when I was still at school but it blossomed when I went to stay in Bulawayo. However, I almost dropped my dream due to economic hardships but the songs kept on coming, flowing like a river, renewing like  spring waters, hence the name Umthombo Wendumiso came in to my mind.

Q: What’s in your album?

A: The album titled “Jes’ Usevukile,” has a direct evangelic message to the public. In these ten tracks, there is this track tittled ‘lawo Manxeba,’ which reminds Christians of their worthy since there were bought by the blood of Jesus. Infact all our songs are scripturally based and are meant to comfort, counsel, heal and uplift the souls.

Q: So what is your mission?

A: Our mission is to spread the message that Jesus is alive and to those who didn’t know this fact must repent whilst time still permits.

Q: Which age group or class is the album targeted to?

A: The CD is open to all including children and non-believers because God is above all.

Q: Who are the people behind your success?

A: First and foremost, I would like to thank my mother for grooming me and for supporting my dream. I would also like to single out my colleague Trust Kanero who accompanied me to the recording studio and up to now we are still together. Above all I must thank the whole team and management for bringing this project to life. I say to them work now and never get tired because the price is bigger in heaven Amen
Q: What Message can you leave for the fans?

A: Trut in the Lord and believe in what you have, use what you have been given. As for me, I was given music and I shall use it Amen.


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