UMagwaba andThe Pioneers drop a new album ,sign with big company


JOHANNESBURG: The Tsholotsho born rhumba new kid -Christopher Moyo has just dropped a new album and also signed with one of the biggest online distribution company in Africa known as the Global Digital Box .

Trading as Umagwaba and The Pioneers , the artist has entered the industry with full knowledge on how traditional forms of music distribution have failed many path finders. Infact the seven track album: “Sezingibonga Ngobulongwe” was preceded by a single in 2016 June titled “Ukubuyisana,” which served more as litmus paper to test the acidity and alkalinity of the current market and its distribution channels

In this project , Moyo has decided to start by online distribution , hence he sought to sign with Global Digital Box, through which his music will be distributed across all online official stores.

“I am very happy that God has opened a path for me in my earliest days as a musician, despite the challenges I met in the production line I am glad that at least I completed my project. From my own observation, It is so sad that our artists instead of having a unity of purpose they exert their energies on pulling down others. We lack oneness, there is rejection and jealousy,” Moyo said.

Chabangu, representing Global digital Box as its Chairman and Vice Presidents  insisted that in a bid to help young musicians, his company will continue signing them without upfront fees till further notice.

“I have been in the music industry for over 40 years and have produced all big names in Mzansi, I know the route and thus why I am not afraid to even come down to help these young artists. Whereas others see upcoming artists I personally see future stars in them, there is always  that diamond underneath that needs to be dug and cherished.

The little known artist will soon be  a global talk due to his lyrics and musical philosophy in general.”

In this project Moyo worked with other tshibilika giants  like Allen Ndoda Ndlovu, Kholwani Dube of Dubia Masters, hence  tshibilika/rhumba consumers already know what to anticipate.

“Fans must expect nothing less than sweet music, I appeal for  all support and there is no need to mention piracy because it is now a public secret that it has become a permanent ulcer for every artists, hence the public must help and I trust that fans will definitely bail us out of this by buying original material,’’ Moyo continued.

Meanwhile GDB  promised that its music will also be available on stores like Jet music and network providers like MTN.

“Yes we are just waiting for some procedures to fulfill this, we have heard the cries of our fellow musicians that iTunes are sill a challenge to many fans especially Southern Africa region so we are trying to reach out for everyone through physical CDs on Jet stores and identified network providers like MTN,” Chabangu confirmed.

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